Bespoke Entrance Mats

3-zone cleaning

Zone 1 removes large pieces of dirt and moisture

Zone 2 cleans off finer dirt

Zone 3 further reduces by up to 90% dirt and moisture entering the building

The emco 3-zone cleaning system is our proven combination for effectively reducing dirt. An emco entrance mat for any zone is individually tailored to your specific situation and fits sympathetically into your building design.

The 3-zone cleaning system is perfect for shopping centres, schools, day nurseries, public offices and all other buildings with high levels of footfall. It reduces cleaning costs and protects adjacent floor coverings and building facilities. The system features non-slip properties and helps prevent accidents from happening.

All emco innovations such as the tactile guidance system or the SENATOR OUTDOOR can be easily integrated into your cleaning system. Keeping entrance areas clean.

The wide selection of mat frames as well as the large range of inserts are available to ensure your mat is purpose made for your building environment. Our technical experts are available to discuss your needs and suggest suitable combinations. Visit our video to see how easy it is to clean our entrance mats here.

Mat bodies

We offer mat bodies from 10mm high to 42mm high and of different thicknesses of aluminium, so capable of taking a variety of rolling weights.

Mat inserts

A large range of inserts made from rubber, aluminium and hard wearing carpet material.  You can also personalise your entrance mat using the INOX system, see the video here.


Bespoke Inlays, finishes & combinations:


The huge number of possible mat configurations means they can be tailored precisely to your site’s specific requirements in terms of frequency of usage, architecture and design.


Thanks to their robust aluminium profiles, emco entrance mats are completely unaffected by fluctuations in temperature and have been optimised for continuous loads.


Functional inserts, aluminium scraper bars and brush strips ensure a high level of dirt removal. The dirt falls into the spaces between the mat profiles.