Modular Entrance Mats

The modular system can be used as part of the three-stage entrance system, designed to remove up to 90% of dirt and moisture from entering a building.

Available in two styles, Aviator and Connexx

  • Attractive, easy fit modular systems available for next day delivery for flooring contractors to cut and fit on site
  • Available in 12mm and 17mm heights
  • May be surface mounted (with ramp edging and perimeter fixing), or installed in a well created for the purpose
  • Closed systems, making cleaning by vacuum cleaner simple.
  • May be used in areas of moderate to heavy use (up to 2,000 people per day)
  • For particularly dirty areas, we would recommend a bespoke open system specially designed for your needs which can trap more dirt.


Aviator modular system installed

Aviator modular system installed

  • Aluminium frame for strength and durability
  • Available in lengths 1.5m and 2.2m. Planks show circa 100mm wide (plus invisible slot and channel connections)
  • Fix firmly together with an invisible slot and channel design
  • Other lengths available by arrangement
Aviator 12mm high

Aviator 12mm high

Aviator 17mm high

Aviator 17mm high


CONNEX modular system installed

CONNEXX modular system installed

  • Good value mat in a box (boxes cover 1m2)
  • Easy to cut on site to fit even the most challenging shapes
CONNEX modular system available for next day delivery

CONNEXX modular system available for next day delivery